Serving You is Our Passion

  Throughout 2020, the Ebby Halliday Companies – of which Williams Trew is a proud member – are celebrating 75 years of serving the real estate needs of North Texans and those relocating to the region. It all began in 1945, when one bold woman parlayed her wisdom, generosity, business acumen and endurance into what is […]

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Tips for Flawless Outdoor Entertaining

  Summer is here, which means longer nights and warmer weather. What better way to spend a summer day with family and friends than at an outdoor gathering? If you’re hoping to host a backyard soirée, here are some tips that will help things run smoothly.   PREPARE YOUR YARD Tidy up your yard before hosting guests. Mow the grass […]

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How to Create a Greener Home

  There are many different ways to go green at home. Even if you do just one or two of the below five things, you can make a big difference for our environment — and you’ll see the results on your bills.   MONITOR YOUR TEMPERATURE Nearly half of a home’s energy usage goes toward heating and cooling. […]

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Refreshing Summer Recipes

It can be tough to beat the Texas heat, but ice-cold beverages and tasty treats definitely help. Here are some easy and delicious recipes perfect for relaxing on the patio or hanging by the pool.   SIPS CLASSIC LEMONADE Ingredients: *6 lemons, enough to make 1 cup of juice *1 cup white sugar *6 cups cold water Directions: 1. Juice the lemons via […]

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Count Sheep Not Threads

  It’s estimated that a person will sleep for a third of his or her life. If you’re spending that much time in bed, you should make sure you like your sleeping conditions. Comfortable sheets are crucial for a good night of sleep, and many people don’t seek out the sheets that are best for them. […]

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6 Tips for Lasting Flowers

  Like many businesses, flower shops have taken a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the Texas economy continues opening up, flowers are again in demand.   From homemade bouquets to delivered arrangements, here are some tips for making your fresh flowers last longer.   Clean vases are a must. If whatever container you’re putting your […]

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Transform Your Home Workspace

  Having an office in your home is becoming a need as more companies have sent employees to work from their homestead. Setting up your workspace can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin.   Here are some tips for transforming your home space into a workspace.   Make A List The first step […]

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Texas Top Destination for Corporate Moves

    When it comes to corporate moves, Texas was the top destination for people packing up and heading across the country in 2019.   Texas topped the list, which also includes California, Florida, Illinois and North Carolina as the states that were the most popular destinations for corporate transfers, according to Allied Van Lines. […]

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Home Gardens: Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs to Grow in DFW

COVID-19, the great disrupter of everyday life. Thanks to this dangerous virus we’re all “camping out” at home with our families. And, as much as we love them and are thankful for this time we have together, let’s face it, we need something more to do than just look at each other all day.    […]

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Elevating Real Estate and Putting People First

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way homes are bought and sold and the Ebby Halliday Companies, which includes Williams Trew, are at the forefront of combining agents’ hard-earned expertise and the latest technology to ensure easy, efficient, and safe transactions for clients.   “At the Ebby Halliday Companies, we believe some of the new ways […]

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